Photo by Caitlin McAfee

Photo by Caitlin McAfee

What is Excavation?

Excavation is a practice, as well as a mode of performance, which resembles a kind of moving meditation. By examining one's authentic self, then relating to others in an open and honest way, excavation can teach anyone how to dance. It helps us discover, communally, what dancing is, and means. 

Created and developed by Michael Kliën in Europe, this practice is new to the U.S. The Martha Graham Dance Company engaged with the process in 2015, including administrators who worked in the building. Caitlin McAfee studied with Kliën, and has been facilitating Sites in Baltimore since 2015. 

If you are a human, you can benefit from this practice. You do not need to be a trained dancer to "find a state of dancing." Dig for yourself, and re-build your worldview. 

To find out more about Excavation Sites, visit to read a manifesto, or check out Kliën's Vimeo account at

To find information on upcoming Excavation Workshops, visit our Workshops page.